Common Alterations

Common Alterations

It is common for alterations to be needed on our gowns to achieve the perfect fit for your bodies curve. We have listed below some of the most common adjustments that we have done in our store.

*We always recommend having alterations being done in person with your undergarments & shoes you plan on wearing with the dress to ensure that the correct adjustments are made.* 

All of our gowns are fully lined & can be altered easily once making a small access hold in the lining side seam. 

HEM: Most of our gowns are made to be 60" long from the top of the shoulder to the hem. This is to ensure that women of all heights & all shoe heel heights can wear the dress. Most every gown will need to be hemmed to achieve a safe length for your event. We have altered each of our gowns to be full length (just the tip of your shoe or toe showing), Ankle Length (just above the ankle), Midi Length (mid calf), Knee Length (just below the knee), Cocktail Length (above the knee) & Mini Length (mid-thigh). 




TOP OF SHOULDER: This is a common adjustment for petites or shorter waisted women. When trying on the dress ensure that the waistline is hitting at your smallest point & that the darts are pointing to the apex of your bust. If you can pinch fabric at the top of the shoulder seam that is where the adjustment can be made. 

        *Alexandria Gown- this gown can be altered at the top shoulder seam, we recommend that the seamstress gather the ruffle more and fit it back into the seam.

       * Amelia Gown- this gown can be altered at the top shoulder seam, we recommend that the seamstress make a small pleat on the collar where it meets the seam, if it is unable to me eased back into the seam. 

SIDE SEAM: We recommend this adjustment for women who need to size up for any reason or may be in between sizes. The dress can be tailored to fit by adjusting the side seam. Our dresses can be taken in through the bust, waist & hip at the same time without altering the look or design of the dress.  If the dress fits perfectly through the bust, we recommend taking in the side seam at the hips & easing the seam back into where the dress is fitting at the bust.  

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