Ashley's Light Pink Bridesmaids

Ashley's Light Pink Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Dresses ( Left to Right): Abigail Gown, Genevieve Gown, Fae Gown, Fae Gown, Go Go Gown in Light Pink


"From the moment we started the planning process I couldn't help but to think of how amazing the pictures would look with the classic look of a cami dress…  Considering my wedding party was spread across the country and we were planning this wedding with only a few months. I didn’t know if we could make this happen but the team at Camilyn Beth worked with everyone of my bridesmaids and made it all happen!  You made a huge role in making it all come together! The dresses were fabulous! Thank you!"
-The beautiful Bride Ashley


Photographer: Melissa Lahaie Photography


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