10 things you didn't know about Cami.

08 Aug , 2019
  1. I used to be a assistant buyer & creative director for a local boutique
  2. The first dress I ever designed & made was my prom dress in high school
  3. My sister & I used to do photoshoots for fun in our garage when growing up
  4. I assisted with the making of the crown princess of Swedens wedding dress while I lived in Sweden
  5. I received ‘best collection’ when graduating from Fashion Design School
  6. My teachers & family have been trying to correct the odd way I hold my pencil since I was a kid
  7. I was born in a really small town in PA of a population of 5,000
  8. My husband & I went to high school together but did not start dating until college
  9. My food is perogies, I can’t live without them!
  10. For each new design I personally sew the first sample

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